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Steel plate lifting clamps with durable quality 
Lifting clamps competitve price
Industry plate clamps pictures
Steel plate lifting clamps is used ofr lifting and transporting of steel plates, capacity from 0.25 tons to 16.0 tons. Jawing open from 0mm to 200mm. 
Steel plate lifting clamps have following classifies, horizontal steel plate lifting clamps, vertical steel plate lifting clamps, I beam lifting clamps and so on. 
Horizontal steel plate lifting clamps simpled name horizontal clamps, can lifting and transport steel plate on horizontal position. When choose the lifting clamps please as clse as possible to the plate thickness and weight. 
Vertical steel plate lifting clamps simpled called vertical lifting clamps, applied for lifting and transport steel plate on vetical position. Please do not lifting more than one piece plate when works. And never overload a clamps capacity. 
Industry plate clamps have large forces acting and port lubrication, and the plate clamps 
is poorly maintained and suffering wear.
When the industry plate clamps works, please always keep your workers far away distance during lifting and descending of a load. 
Regarding steel plate lifting clamps manual instruction, lifting clamps price list, industry plate clamps pictures, please kindly feel free contact with us. Professionally service hope will get your satisfaction. 
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Industry plate clamps pictures